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About Us

There is a number of things in life that are certain and the first is birth and unfortunately the last is death, that may sound a little harsh but reality is its what will happen to us all (unless there is a miracle of science they are holding out on). Being prepared for death is as important as it is for the birth of a new child. You would be pretty shocked as would others if you went shopping one day and a baby was on your doorstep for your return,. unprepared and prob not to mention the change in lifestyle you would need to adapt! Just like birth death holds its own changes, the loss of someone close the reliability you may have had for that person and the sense of emptiness can sometime be overwhelming.  No one is saying that being prepared means these things wont happen but they are somehow more understood.  When you do loose someone close to you being prepared does help and it definitely gives you some breathing space to grieve if you have made your funeral arrangements and saved a pot of money to pay for it.  Look through the pages on this site and see if there are any hints or tips that can help you prepare for such an event.